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Biggles Air Commodore

Biggles Air Commodore
PublishedMay 1937 - Oxford University Press [H/B]
Reprints Oxford University Press - Pyramid
Oxford University Press
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"Bigglesworth, if you'll join our intelligence staff, I'll give you any rank within reason." he declared.

Biggles shook his head. "It's very nice of you Sir, but I should be absolutely useless in an official capacity," he said slowly. "I have my own way of doing things ..."

Sometimes, as Colonel Raymond discovers, the unofficial way of dealing with trouble can be the most effective. When a foreign power is discovered to be sinking British shipping in the Indian ocean, he calls in Biggles and his team to stop it by any means they care to use. And so Biggles and his friends set off on one of the most hair-raising and spine-chilling adventures they have ever encountered...

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Biggles is intrigued by a mystery. Supply ships have been disappearing in the Indian Ocean and before they sank they managed to broadcast a final message. In all cases, when they referred to the word "weather" it was misspelt as "whether". Biggles concludes that the same person sent the messages otherwise the coincidence would be too great. Biggles approaches Colonel Raymond, now with Scotland Yard, but formerly with the Air Intelligence staff when Biggles was in 266 squadron, to find out more information. Before he knows it, Biggles is dining in the Foreign Office and setting out his ideas about how to deal with the problem. Biggles is given a temporary commission in the Royal Air Force with the rank of Air Commodore and his plans are put into effect.

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