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Biggles Defies the Swastika

Biggles Defies the Swastika
PublishedAugust 1941 - Oxford University Press [H/B]
Reprints Oxford University Press
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"Suffering rattlesnakes! What am I getting into?" murmered Biggles, a ghost of a smile softening his face. "First I'm sworn into the German Air Force; now, of all things, Im a full-blown Gestapo agent."

While on a reconnaissance mission, Biggles gets caught up in a German invasion of Norway. Constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the the enemy gets him into some desperate straits - and some outrageous pieces of bluff. With his old enemy Von Stalhein hot on his trail, Biggles knows he is just a hairsbredth away from capture and the ultimate horror of a Nazi firing squad.

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Biggles' old enemy Von Stalhein has heard that he is on a recon mission in Norway and is determined to track him down.

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