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Biggles Sees Too Much

Biggles Sees Too Much
Published1970 - Brockhampton Press [H/B]
Reprints Brockhampton Press
Knight Books
Swift Children's Books
Norman Wright
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goodreads summary

'Biggles hurled the parcel to the far side of the road. It struck the wall and bounced back on to the pavement that skirted it. Simultaneously there was a shattering explosion.'

Even on holiday in Cornwall, Biggles cant avoid finding trouble. He soon realises that the local shark fishing business is in fact a cover-up for smuggling in illegal immigrants - and men on the run.

When a parcel bomb is delivered, Biggles and his friends realise that the gang will stop at nothing to keep their secret. But it takes a dangerous chase by sea to the Channel Islands for them to discover just how ruthless the gang is.

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