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Biggles Sets a Trap

Biggles Sets a Trap
Subtitle An unusual investigation by Biggles of the Air Police
PublishedSeptember 1962 - Hodder & Stoughton [H/B]
Reprints Children's Book Club
Hodder & Stoughton
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"If nothing comes of this conversation, should you hear that I had died suddenly in what appeared to be an accident would you be good enough to make sure I wasn't murdered?"

"Are you expecting to be murdered?"

"As a matter of fact I am. I've been expecting it for some time."

"And who is likely to murder you ?"

"That's just it. I haven't the remotest idea..."

...But a lot did come of this conversation which sets Biggles on the trail of an extraordinary series of murders involving the heirs of the Landville family and the curse under which they suffered. History and excitement combine to make this a thrilling detective story.

goodreads summary

Biggles is visited by Sir Leofric Landaville who has a surprising tale to tell. For generations his family has suffered from what could be called "the curse of the Landavilles". Intrigued, Biggles and Bertie travel to Ringlesby Hall in Hampshire to hear the story (Algy and Ginger being on leave). On 22nd August 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth Field, Henry VII defeated Richard III. Henry's life was saved at the battle by a squire named Leofric Landaville who was knighted and given Ringlesby Hall with 100 acres of land and a pension of £400 in perpetuity. Ever since then, Landavilles have been dying mysterious and violent deaths and legend has it that such deaths are preceded by the croak of a Raven. Leofric's elder brother Charles has recently died a violent death after being shot, supposedly in an accident. Leofric heard a Raven croak before it happened. Biggles investigates the death and discovers it was murder. Ringlesby Hall has also been entered by an intruder. Biggles is invited to stay and sets a trap to alert him to any further entries by the mysterious intruder. Making enquiries in the locality, Biggles finds out about the De Warine family who owned Ringlesby Hall before the Landavilles. Eventually the trap is sprung and an intruder is discovered. In trying to escape, the intruder is killed in a car crash. The identity of the intruder and the explanation for the "curse" are revealed. The dust cover of the book shows Biggles sitting in a chair in Ringlesby Hall, in front of a suit of armour.

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