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Biggles Sweeps the Desert

Biggles Sweeps the Desert
Subtitle A "Biggles" Squadron Story
PublishedOct-42 - Hodder & Stoughton [H/B]
Reprints Hodder & Stoughton
Red Fox
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Hopelessness took him in its grip. He knew he was wandering in circles but he had ceased to care. All he wanted to do was drink. His skin began to smart. His feet were on fire...

When Biggles arrives in the desert to set up a secret oasis base, he warns his men of the dangers of getting lost in its waterless wastes. But when they are fighting an enemy as wily as the German ace Von Zoyton, there is always the risk of being shot down...

goodreads summary

Biggles and his Squadron are sent to defend the main air route from the West Coast of Africa to the Middle East and find out what has happened to seven planes that have been lost making the journey.

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