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The Camels are Coming

The Camels are Coming
Published7 September 1932 - John Hamilton Ltd [H/B]
Reprints John Hamilton Ltd
John Hamilton Ltd - Ace Series
Boys' Friend Library
Red Fox
Norman Wright
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Duelling high above the trenches of the First World War Biggles knows that he needs more than just flying skills to survive against the Sopwith Camel - a devil to fly, but invaluably fast in a dog fight, it commands fierce loyalty from its pilots. Will Biggles' luck and initiative be enough to keep him alive?

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At the end of WW1, Biggles and fellow pilots contend with enemies in their own Sopwith Camels. "The Camel closed up until it was flying beside him; the pilot smiling. Biggles showed his teeth in what he imagined to be an answering smile. 'You swine,' he breathed: 'you dirty, unutterable, murdering swine! I'm going to kill you if it's the last thing I do on earth.'"

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