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Biggles Looks Back

Biggles Looks Back
Subtitle A Story of Biggles and the Air Police
PublishedFebruary 1965 - Hodder & Stoughton [H/B]
Reprints Hodder & Stoughton
Norman Wright
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Biggles, helped by his erstwhile enemy Eric Von Stalhein, sets off to behind the Iron Curtain in a bid to rescue Biggles' one true love, Marie Janis.

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Biggles has dinner with old enemy, and now friend, Erich von Stalhein, who asks him if he ever wonders what happened to Marie Janis, a young girl Biggles fell in love with during the First World War. (This tale is told in a short story called "Affair De Coeur" in the first ever Biggles book THE CAMELS ARE COMING). Biggles is astonished to hear that Von Stalhein has had a letter from Marie. She is in Czechoslovakia and the letter contains clues that all is not well. Later, Von Stalhein disappears and Biggles concludes he has gone to rescue Marie. A postcard from Rodnitz with a cryptic message confirms this.

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